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Buying a home using equity release funding is a more complex transaction than purchasing using a normal residential mortgage (or no mortgage at all). Lenders are separately represented by their own solicitors who apply the equity release lending criteria to your proposed purchase. It is therefore vital to ensure that your chosen solicitors have the necessary expertise in navigating equity release requirements. 

Only once the lender’s solicitors are satisfied that your proposed new home meets their lender’s requirements will we receive confirmation that they agree to fund your purchase so that we can exchange and thereafter complete. As there are three represented parties the transaction usually takes longer than a standard purchase and a re-offer for your equity release offer may be required.

At Tivoli Legal, because we intrinsically understand lender requirements, we navigate the conveyancing process for you in a clear efficient manner ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.


We often act for clients in the sale of their existing property, when simultaneously purchasing using equity release, on a standalone basis or once the equity release has come to an end.

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Equity release is not suitable for all clients. Some clients chose to re-mortgage using a traditional residential mortgage, or a retirement interest only mortgage (RIO) and if separate representation is required by the borrowers Tivoli Legal can help.

Lease Extension/Freehold Purchase

Equity release lenders will not lend if there is an insufficient lease term remaining on your home.  This can be resolved by negotiating a lease extension or freehold purchase with the freeholder.  Tivoli Legal can act for you in this scenario.

We will guide you through the process understanding lender’s requirements and using the equity release funds (if your lender agrees) to fund the premium payable. As the lender and freeholder are separately represented the process can be lengthy (c. 4- 6 months) and a re-offer for your equity release offer may be required.

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