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Indicative Fees

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Our Fees

Our fees assume that each case is a property owned by the equity release applicants with a freehold title and one standard mortgage charge on the title.

We charge an ‘all-inclusive’ fee which includes our legal fees, the cost of a solicitor signing appointment at our offices, obtaining one Land Registry title & plan and VAT. Should additional work be required for example, your property title is unregistered, or the equity release applicants are not on the property title we will advise you of what additional work is required to make the applicants/property title acceptable to the lender and provide you with a cost for this work, any additional disbursements such as Stamp Duty fees and a time estimate.

Time Estimates

Time estimates depend very much upon the parties to the transaction. The process usually takes 4 weeks from receipt of the offer in straightforward cases but it can be quicker or slower depending on the property title, other parties involved in the transaction (such as Landlord on a leasehold property), your availability to promptly address any queries that we have and how collaboratively the parties work together.

The transaction is always quicker where you can promptly complete our initial questionnaire and provide us the documents requested as soon as possible. We like to be prepared and ready to progress your case as soon as we receive the offer!

Indicative fees on a standard case
Indicative fees for additional work (inclusive of VAT) are:
Unregistered property - plus relevant Land Registry fee (dependent upon property value)
£500 inc VAT
Occupiers (who are not applicants)
£79 (inc VAT) each
Mortgage Shortfall
£199 (inc VAT)
Leasehold Property
£199 (inc VAT)
Multiple Charges
£129 (inc VAT) each
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